Miscellaneous Equipment

Professional Equipment

This category covers a wide variety of specialized equipment used by professionals in adventure-related fields.

Some objects contain the tools necessary to use certain skills optimally. Without the use of these items, often referred to as kits, skill checks made with these skills are at a –4 penalty. Skills and the kits they are associated with are listed below. See the descriptions of the kits for additional details. Note that kits should be restocked periodically (purchase DC 5 less than the original purchase DC.

Note that some skills, by their nature, require a piece of equipment to utilize.

Skill Associated Item
Climb Climbing gear
Craft (chemical) Chemical kit
Craft (electronic) Electrical tool kit
Craft (mechanical) Mechanical tool kit
Craft (pharmaceutical) Pharmacology kit
Craft (structural) Mechanical tool kit
Demolitions Demolitions kit
Disable Device Carjack kit
- Electrical tool kit
- Lockpick set
- Lock release gun
Disguise Disguise kit
Forgery Forgery kit
Repair Electrical tool kit
- Mechanical tool kit
- Multipurpose tool
Treat Injury First aid kit
- Medical kit
- Surgery kit

Bolt Cutter

An exceptionally heavy wire cutter, a bolt cutter can snip through padlocks or chain-link fences. Using a bolt cutter requires a Strength check (DC 10).

Capture Kit

This kit is designed for neutralizing and capturing a live, dangerous target. Additional methods of incarceration are up to the hero—cages, lead-lined boxes, etc. The capture kit includes the following items: Shotgun with 12 beanbag rounds, air rifle, Stun gun, 2 sets of handcuffs, 25 flex-cuffs, duct tape, net launcher, and an additional net pack.

Chemical Kit

A portable laboratory for use with the Craft (chemical) skill, a chemical kit includes the tools and components necessary for mixing and analyzing acids, bases, explosives, toxic gases, and other chemical compounds.

Concertina Wire

So named because it folds up like a squeezebox, concertina wire is the latest generation of barbed wire. It comes in 20-foot-long rolls that are stretch across the surface or fence to be protected. For each 2-foot section that a person tries to cross, he or she must make a Reflex save (DC 15) or take 1d6 points of damage (save for half). Concertina wire has hardness 2, 5 hp, and can only be damaged by slashing weapons or cut with a tool like boltcutters.

Demolitions Kit

This kit contains everything needed to use the Demolitions skill to set detonators, wire explosive devices, and disarm explosive devices. Detonators must be purchased separately.

Disguise Kit

This kit contains everything needed to use the Disguise skill, including makeup, brushes, mirrors, wigs, and other accoutrements. It doesn’t contain clothing or uniforms, however.

Duct Tape

The usefulness of duct tape is limited only by a character’s imagination and has not waned in nearly 200 years. Duct tape can support up to 200 pounds indefinitely, or up to 300 pounds for 1d6 rounds. Characters bound with duct tape must make a Strength or Escape Artist check (DC 20) to free themselves.

A roll provides 70 feet of tape, 2 inches wide.

Electrical Tool Kit

This collection of hand tools and small parts typically includes a variety of pliers, drivers, cutting devices, soldering tools, fasteners, power tools, and leads and wires.

Basic: This small kit allows a character to make Repair checks to electrical or electronic devices without penalty.

Mastercraft: This kit consists of a number of specialized diagnostic and repair tools as well as thousands of spare parts. It grants a +2 equipment bonus on Repair checks for electrical or electronic devices and allows a character to make Craft (electronic) checks without penalty.

Evidence Kits

Law enforcement agencies around the galaxy use generally simaler tools to gather evidence. Having an evidence kit does not grant access to a law enforcement agency’s crime lab; it merely assists in the proper gathering and storing of evidence for use by such a lab. Without an evidence kit, a character receives a –4 penalty to use the collect evidence option of the Investigate skill.

Basic: A basic evidence kit includes clean containers, labels, gloves, tweezers, swabs, and other items to gather bits of physical evidence and prevent them from becoming contaminated.

Mastercraft: A deluxe kit includes all the materials in a basic kit, plus supplies for analyzing narcotic substances at the scene and for gathering more esoteric forms of physical evidence such as casts and molds of footprints or vehicle tracks, as well as chemical residues and organic fluids. It also contains the necessary dusts, sprays, brushes, adhesives, and cards to gather fingerprints. It grants a +2 equipment bonus on Investigate checks under appropriate circumstances (whenever the GM rules that the equipment in the kit can be of use in the current situation).

Using a deluxe kit to analyze a possible narcotic substance or basic chemical requires a Craft (chemical) check (DC 15). In this case, the +2 equipment bonus does not apply.

Fake ID

Purchasing a falsified identification from a black market source can produce mixed results, depending on the skill of the forger. Typically, a forger has 1 to 4 ranks in the Forgery skill, with a +1 ability modifier. When a character purchases a fake ID, the GM secretly makes a Forgery check for the forger, which serves as the DC for the opposed check when someone inspects the fake ID. The purchase DC of a fake ID is 10 + the forger’s ranks in the Forgery skill.

First Aid Kit

This kit contains enough supplies (and simple instructions for their use) to treat an injury before transporting the injured person to a medical professional. A first aid kit can be used to help a dazed, unconscious, or stunned character by making a Treat Injury check (DC 15). A first aid kit can be used only once. Skill checks made without a first aid kit incur a –4 penalty.

Forced Entry Kit

Sometimes it’s necessary to enter an area that someone really doesn’t want you to get into. This kit is not subtle, but effective, relying on battering down doors and blasting holes through walls. Police and military personnel are most likely to use this kit. The forced entry kit contains the following items: Shotgun with 10 high-explosive shells, 5 beanbag rounds, boltcutters, cutting torch, portable ram, sledgehammer (equivalent to warhammer), and chainsaw.

Forgery Kit

This kit contains everything needed to use the Forgery skill to prepare forged items. Depending on the item to be forged, a character might need legal documents or other items not included in the kit.

Reactor, Portable

A single cylinder housing thousands of Nuclear Diamond Batterys that can produce enough electricity to power a small land vehicle for eight hours.


Handcuffs are restraints designed to lock two limbs, normally the wrists, of a prisoner together. They fit any Medium-size or Small human or other creature that has an appropriate body structure.

Steel: These heavy-duty cuffs have hardness 10, 10 hit points, a break DC of 30, and require a Disable Device check (DC 25) or Escape Artist check (DC 35) to remove without the key.

Flex-Cuff: These are single-use disposable handcuffs, much like heavy-duty cable ties. They have hardness 0, 4 hit points, and a break DC of 25. They can only be removed by cutting them off or breaking them (Disable Device and Escape Artist checks automatically fail).

Lock Release Gun

This small, pistol like device automatically disables cheap and average mechanical locks operated by standard keys (no Disable Device check necessary).

Mechanical Tool Kit

This collection of hand tools and small parts typically includes a variety of pliers, drivers, cutting devices, fasteners, and small power tools.

Basic: This kit, which fits in a portable toolbox, allows a character to make Repair checks for mechanical devices without penalty.

Mastercraft: This kit fills a good-sized shop cabinet. It includes a broad variety of specialized hand tools and a selection of high-quality power tools and welding supplies. It grants a +2 equipment bonus on Repair checks for mechanical devices and allows a character to make Craft (mechanical) or Craft (structural) checks without penalty.

Medical Kit

A 4inX6inX8in pouch, this is the sort of kit commonly carried by military medics. It contains a variety of medical supplies and equipment. A medical kit can be used to treat a dazed, unconscious, or stunned character, to provide long-term care, to restore hit points, to treat a diseased or poisoned character, or to stabilize a dying character (see the Treat Injury skill). Skill checks made without a medical kit incur a –4 penalty.

Pharmacology Kit

A portable pharmacy for use with the Craft (pharmaceutical) skill, a pharmacist kit includes everything needed to prepare, preserve, compound, analyze, and dispense medicinal drugs.

Ram, Portable

This modern ram is the perfect tool for battering down doors. Not only does it give you a +4 circumstance bonus on your Strength check to break open a door, but it allows a second person to help you without having to make an aid another check, adding another +2 bonus to your check.

Surgery Kit

About the size of a small backpack, this kit contains the instruments needed for rudimentary emergency field surgery. A surgery kit is used when performing surgery (see the Treat Injury skill). A character performing surgery without a surgery kit takes a -4 penalty on the Treat Injury check. (This penalty is in addition to the -4 penalty that applies if the character does not have the Surgery feat.)

Winch, Portable

This small, portable electrical winch and cable has a solid hook on the end. If properly bolted down (such as being mounted to the front of a vehicle), it has enough strength to pull a Light vechicle out of a ditch or a small tree out of the ground (an equivalent Strength 30). The cable is 150 feet long and has hardness 4 and 5 hp. The cable can only be damaged with slashing weapons or a boltcutter.


Standard: Standard binoculars reduce the range penalty for Perception checks to –1 for every 50 feet (instead of –1 for every 10 feet). Using binoculars for Perception checks takes five times as long as making the check unaided.

Rangefinding: In addition to the benefit of standard binoculars, rangefinding binoculars include a digital readout that indicates the exact distance to the object on which they are focused.

Night Vision: function the same as standard binoculars in normal light. In darkness, however, users looking through them see as if they had the darkvision ability.

Climbing Gear

All of the tools and equipment that climbing enthusiasts use to make climbing easier and, in some cases, possible, including ropes, gloves, spikes, chocks, ascenders, pitons, a handax, and a harness. It takes 10 minutes to remove the gear from its pack and outfit it for use. Use this gear with the Climb skill.

Gas/EVA Mask

This apparatus covers the face and connects to a chemical air filter canister to protect the lungs and eyes from toxic gases. It provides total protection from eye and lung irritants. The advanced version of the gas mask is an EVA system, able to be integrated with a characters flight suit or compatible armor that allows the individual to withstand vacuum and hostile environments.

Miscellaneous Equipment

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