Miscellaneous Equipment

This category covers miscellaneous, useful equipment for various purposes.


Standard: Standard binoculars reduce the range penalty for Perception checks to –1 for every 50 feet (instead of –1 for every 10 feet). Using binoculars for Perception checks takes five times as long as making the check unaided.

Rangefinding: In addition to the benefit of standard binoculars, rangefinding binoculars include a digital readout that indicates the exact distance to the object on which they are focused.

Night Vision: function the same as standard binoculars in normal light. In darkness, however, users looking through them see as if they had the darkvision ability.

Bolt Cutter

An exceptionally heavy wire cutter, a bolt cutter can snip through padlocks or chain-link fences. Using a bolt cutter requires a Strength check (DC 10).

Duct Tape

The usefulness of duct tape is limited only by a character’s imagination and has not waned in nearly 200 years. Duct tape can support up to 200 pounds indefinitely, or up to 300 pounds for 1d6 rounds. Characters bound with duct tape must make a Strength or Escape Artist check (DC 20) to free themselves.

A roll provides 70 feet of tape, 2 inches wide.

Fake ID

Purchasing a falsified identification from a black market source can produce mixed results, depending on the skill of the forger. Typically, a forger has 1 to 4 ranks in the Forgery skill, with a +1 ability modifier. When a character purchases a fake ID, the GM secretly makes a Forgery check for the forger, which serves as the DC for the opposed check when someone inspects the fake ID. The purchase DC of a fake ID is 10 + the forger’s ranks in the Forgery skill.


Flash-seal looks like a block of metal roughly the size of a thin brick. It attaches to any door frame. When activated, chemical compounds inside the block of metal burn fast and hot enough to melt the metal into a liquid form. Almost instantaneously, a second chemical compound freezes the molten metal back into its solid state. The result is that the metal melts, sinks into the space between the door and its frame, and then solidifies again, essentially welding the door shut. A door that has been flash-sealed may not be opened by normal means and must be destroyed or cut through as though it were a wall.

Fusion Torch

The fusion torch produces a small, thin gout of flame that burns with such intensity that it creates temporary blobs of plasma all around it. The fusion torch consists of a small fuel canister attached to the torch generator. The torch deals 3d10 points of damage each round to immobile objects. Due to the nature of the fusion torch, a character using the torch must be meticulous in the way he cuts to maximize damage to whatever he is slicing through. If used as an improvised weapon, the fusion torch deals only 1d10 points of damage since it is being wielded in a more haphazard fashion.

Gas/EVA Mask

This apparatus covers the face and connects to a chemical air filter canister to protect the lungs and eyes from toxic gases. It provides total protection from eye and lung irritants. The advanced version of the gas mask is an EVA system, able to be integrated with a characters flight suit or compatible armor that allows the individual to withstand vacuum and hostile environments.


Handcuffs are restraints designed to lock two limbs, normally the wrists, of a prisoner together. They fit any Medium-size or Small human or other creature that has an appropriate body structure.

Steel: These heavy-duty cuffs have hardness 10, 10 hit points, a break DC of 30, and require a Disable Device check (DC 25) or Escape Artist check (DC 35) to remove without the key.

Flex-Cuff: These are single-use disposable handcuffs, much like heavy-duty cable ties. They have hardness 0, 4 hit points, and a break DC of 25. They can only be removed by cutting them off or breaking them (Disable Device and Escape Artist checks automatically fail).

Lock Release Gun

This small, pistol like device automatically disables cheap and average mechanical locks operated by standard keys (no Disable Device check necessary).

Portable Environment Generator
As an important piece of survival gear that can be taken on almost any expedition, the portable environment generator is an all-in-one device coveted by explorers and outdoors enthusiasts alike. Resembling a tall cylinder roughly two feet in height, the portable environment generator can project a 30-foot sphere of custom environment under any conditions. In cold weather areas, the generator produces heat. In arid deserts, the generator produces both cool air and moisture.
At night, the generator acts as a glow lamp and provides the area with light. Thanks to a special energy bubble produced by the generator, any atmospheric changes stay within the 30 foot radius and do not escape until the device is deactivated. Essentially, the portable environment generator can produce a sphere inside which a group of people can be relatively comfortable despite extremely harsh conditions outside the generator’s influence.

Ram, Portable

This modern ram is the perfect tool for battering down doors. Not only does it give you a +4 circumstance bonus on your Strength check to break open a door, but it allows a second person to help you without having to make an aid another check, adding another +2 bonus to your check.

Reactor, Portable

A single 18 × 8 inch cylinder housing thousands of Nuclear Diamond Batteries that can produce enough electricity to power a small land vehicle for eight hours.

Winch, Portable

This small, portable electrical winch and cable has a solid hook on the end. If properly bolted down (such as being mounted to the front of a vehicle), it has enough strength to pull a Light vechicle out of a ditch or a small tree out of the ground (an equivalent Strength 30). The cable is 150 feet long and has hardness 4 and 5 hp. The cable can only be damaged with slashing weapons or a boltcutter.

Miscellaneous Equipment

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