Sheol is the home world of the demon-like Baal. A desert planet blasted by the solar radiation of the three suns within its system. Pockets of “relatively” comfortable life have been able to evolve in the enormous craters littering the “dark side” of the planet.

Diameter: X 5.4

Mass: X 6

Gravity: X 2.2

Atmosphere: Thin

Day: 237 hours (Special); Year: 540 days

Biomes/Geography: Sun and sand blasted on its surface, Sheol is dramatic in its regional climates. Due to its orbit around and within the three suns in its system and the orientation of its axis; the northern region of the planet is almost constantly bombarded by intense radiation. Paired with the thin atmosphere this area is nothing but irradiated dust storms and perpetual volcanic activity reshaping its surface. In contrast, the “Dark Side” of the planet maintains a survivable 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with a constant dusk-like visibility. Though this habitable zone covers roughly 2/5ths of the planets surface, major Baal settlements have been limited to within the massive meteor craters spotting the landscape, due to the Inferno which occurs every three years.

The Inferno: Every three years, Sheols orbit brings it within proximity to the systems third sun. Solar heat and radiation, effectively encompasses the whole of the planets surface. The Inferno lasts a week, bringing 200mph sandstorms and 200F temperatures that cull the hardy but limited flora and fauna of Sheol.

Prominent Species: Baal



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