The Vax'Ildan

A race of insectoid creatures with vaguely humanoid traits from the planet Do’Urdan. The females average 6 feet in height with powerful structures, while the males measure more diminutive rarely reaching 5 feet. The Vax’ildan society, much like a colony of Earth insects, is Matriarchal, with a Queen ruling over each “Collective”.

The harsh jungle world Do’Urdan, is overrun with vicious predators and has forged the tribal Vax’ildan into a warlike tribal society.

Females are at the top of the Vax’ildan hierarchy. Large and powerful, females act as warriors in the collective and are formidable fighters.

Physical characteristics:

A female Vax’Ildan gains a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Strength and takes a -2 penalty to Intelligence and Charisma.

Medium: As Medium creatures, females have no special
bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Normal Speed: speed is 30 feet.

Dark Vision: Females can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

Natural Immunities: Females are immune to any disease.

Regeneration: A female has a regeneration rate equal to their constitution modifier.

Enrage: Once per encounter, a female can enter in an enraged state with 1 action. When she does so, her base regeneration increases to a number equal to Constitution modifier + her level and gains Plating equal to 1/2 her level + Constitution score. This enraged state lasts until the end of the encounter but can only be used after the female has taken damage to her HP.

Naturally Stealthy: females are natural hunters and specialists in hiding away from other creatures, especially those that are more powerful than the female. This embodiment of predator and prey allow the female to get just about anywhere undetected. They gain a +3 bonus on all stealth checks.

  • Random height: female 5’10 ” + 2d4
  • Random weight: female 140 lb + (result of 2d4 from height × 2d4).

Males are of little regard in their Collective. Weak and easily cowed, they are servants and labor for their female counterparts.

The Vax'Ildan

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