Aircraft Operation

Select a class of aircraft (heavy aircraft, helicopters, fighters, Interceptors). The character is proficient at operating that class of aircraft.

The heavy aircraft class includes jumbo passenger airplanes, large cargo planes, heavy bombers, and any other aircraft with three or more engines. Helicopters include transport and combat helicopters of all types. Jet fighters include military fighter and ground attack jets. Spacecraft are vehicles such as the space shuttle and the lunar lander.

Prerequisite: Pilot 4 ranks.

Benefit: The character takes no penalty on Pilot checks or attack rolls made when operating an aircraft of the selected class.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on Pilot checks made to operate an aircraft that falls in any of these classes, and on attacks made with aircraft weapons. There is no penalty when the character operates a general-purpose aircraft.

Special: The character can gain this feat multiple times. Each time the character takes the feat, the character selects a different class of aircraft.

Aircraft Operation

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