You are adept at creating mastercraft electronic and mechanical devices (including tools, vehicles, weapons, robot manipulators, and armor).

Prerequisites: Craft (electrical) 8 ranks, Craft (mechanical) 8 ranks.

Benefit: When successfully completed, a mastercraft electronic or mechanical object provides an equipment bonus on skill checks made to use the object (in the case of mastercraft vehicles, this includes Drive or Pilot checks). A mastercraft weapon provides a bonus on attack or damage rolls (your choice). A mastercraft suit of armor improves the armor’s equipment bonus to Defense. In each case, the bonus can be +1, +2, or +3, and no single object can have more than one mastercraft feature. (For instance, you cannot build a mastercraft weapon that gains a bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls.)

On average, it takes twice as long to build a mastercraft object as it does to build an ordinary object of the same type. The cost to build a mastercraft object is equal to the purchase DC for the object (or its components) + the bonus provided by the mastercraft feature (+1, +2, or +3).

Apply the following modifiers to the Craft check DC for mastercraft items:

Mastercraft Feature DC Modifier
Mastercraft (+1) +3
Mastercraft (+2) +5
Mastercraft (+3) +10

You can add the mastercraft feature to an existing ordinary object or a lower-grade mastercraft object by making a Wealth check and then making the Craft check as though you were constructing the object from scratch.


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