You can salvage electrical and mechanical parts from destroyed vehicles, mech, starships, robots, and cybernetic attachments.

Benefit: Salvaging a destroyed vehicle, mech, starship, robot, or cybernetic attachment takes time, as noted in Table: Salvage.

At the end of this time, make a Perception check. If the check succeeds, you may increase your Wealth score by the amount indicated on the table, either by selling the salvaged parts for scrap or using them to offset the cost of future building projects.

An un-destroyed, captured or derelict, vehicle may also be salvaged. This requires more time and effort but a marked increase in profit. (Time Required X2 = +50% Wealth Increase rounded down)

Salvaged Machine Time Required Search Check DC Wealth Increase
Huge or Smaller 2 hr. 15 +1
Gargantuan 4 hr. 20 +2
Colossal 6 hr. 25 +3
Huge or smaller 4 hr. 25 +2
Gargantuan 8 hr. 30 +4
Colossal 12 hr. 35 +6
Huge 6 hr. 30 +3
Gargantuan 10 hr. 35 +5
Colossal 16 hr. 40 +8
Tiny or smaller 10 min. 20 +1
Small to Large 30 min. 25 +2
Huge or bigger 1 hr. 30 +3
Cybernetic Attachment
Replacement 10 min. 15 +1
Enhancement 30 min. 20 +2

Special: A particular vehicle, mech, starship, robot, or cybernetic attachment can be successfully salvaged only once. Any further attempts to salvage the wreckage fail automatically.


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