Haptic Interface Device

Interacting with advanced technology has surpassed simple input devices.

“The Haptic Interface Device™ is a compact hand/wrist worn system that allows the user to interact with holographic computer interfaces, easily confirm identification, securely access funds, and tap into compatible electronics. It uses proprietary software to access and manipulate Macnab & Addison tech, and that of any of our competitors.” -Macnab & Addison

(“Jailbreaking of software or hardware modification constitutes a void of factory warranty.”)

The HID is an extremely popular, human innovation that has become widely used throughout the Galaxy, earning Macnab & Addison Tech untold amounts of income and prestige in the technological market.

The HID comes standard with a powerful illumination device (30 ft cone), encrypted communication, and a system to monitor the wearers vital signs. (HP, Condition)

This ergonomic and useful device allows a character semi physical control over computer interfaces, as well as a secure digital identification, and access to the characters bank account. It can be synced with various weapon, armor, or equipment models for combat or everyday use. It is easily modified from a stock module with many aftermarket modifications and or something of your own design.

Haptic Interface Device

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